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MOM Communication December 2021

Josef Westermann : Dear hunting dog enthusiasts, the handler of a dog must verify they have a valid hunting license! Josef Westermann : Dear friends of the hunting dog, Becoming a judge is not difficult - being a judge, on the other hand, is very difficult! The Latest...

MOM Communication June-November 2021

News from the Business Office News from the Director of Testing Registered seminars for judge apprentices from July 1 Invitation to the General Meeting New Apprentice Judges "Sw" New JGHV Judge Apprentices The " suspended " status of the Association Judge is lifted 3...

MOM Communication May 2021

Calendar 2022 Registered seminars for judge apprentices for the 3rd quarter 2021 Introduction to Testing, Judging and Hunting Dog Affairs Invitation Meet and Greet with JGHV President Karl Walch New JGHV Apprentice Judges New JGHV Apprentices New Apprentice Judges...

MOM Communication April 2021

New Judge Apprentices "Sw" New JGHV Apprentice Judges The following were added to the list of suspended Association Judges The suspension as an Association Judge is lifted Message from the Business Office Judges' Meeting for the Association Youth Test (VJP) Questions...

MOM Communications March 2021

GNA Letter to Judges JGHV Landesverband North America Elects New Officers Letter from Chairman, LV-NA JGHV "Matrix", March 2021 MOM - The Business Office Annoucement MOM - New JGHV Apprenctice Judges MOM - New Apprentice Judges "Sw" MOM - Registered continuing...

MOM Communications February 23, 2021

Meeting of the JGHV Landesverbände (JKV) and the JGHV Executive Board ConEd for VR Formblatt 59 Corona Hygienic Guidelines for Association Tests of the JGHV Latest news from the JGHV Director of Testing Registration of Judge Apprentices Seminar planning of the JGHV...

MOM Communications January 25, 2021

Latest news from Director of Testing Guidelines for Corona Hygiene at Tests of the JGHV 2 New Association Judges/Verbansrichter "Sw" Addendum to the Judges List New JGHV Apprentice Judges Previously appointed Association Judges, or Association Judges who have added...

MOM Communications for December 2020

Dear colleagues, Here are the MOM communications for the month of December from Jan Schafberg, as well as Karl Walch's "Thoughts on the Turn of the Year" and Josef Westermann's interesting article as JGHV Director of Testing -- both from the December issue of Der...

MOM Communications for November 2020

Latest News from the Director of Testing VR Suspensions Lifted Disciplinary Ruling against VR JGHV Kalender 2021 New JGHV Apprentice Judges New Apprentice Judges "Sw" Added to the list of Suspended Association Judges Continuing Education Seminars Seminars for...

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