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Dear Chairpersons,

Today I received correspondence from Jan Schafberg regarding a request made by VDD-GNA Chairman Brandt Hardy that would allow VDD-GNA and other North American breed and testing clubs to begin holding the VJP replacement test “Emergency Solution Tracking – Corona 2020” as soon as possible in late May. Today, Jan Schafberg informed VDD Chairman Christoph Heimes that the JGHV Executive Board has approved this request and let Mr. Heimes know that all North American clubs would be notified about this decision.

This is obviously good news, and we’re grateful to Brandt and his club for getting approval to an adjustment in the start-time for Corona testing that better fits our conditions across the U.S.A. The JGHV is giving our clubs considerable freedom in moving forward with testing, while asking us to hold to these provisions:

  1. All Corona testing will be done in compliance with state laws concerning nesting seasons and other game protection requirements.
  2. Likewise, state law will be respected regarding securing permits and following other administrative requirements necessary to hold a test.
  3. Test organizers will strictly follow federal and state laws and advisories regarding measures to contain the transmission of the Covid-19 virus.
  4. Organizing clubs will follow the new Test Regulations as set forth in “Emergency Solution Tracking – Corona 2020″ (see attached PO, which you have already received).

Furthermore, please note the following as we begin to move forward with testing:

  • Peggy Dornig is drafting the new FB 3b, which I hope to receive this week for translation into English.
  • As specified in the new Test Regulations, registration is done by submitting FB 1. Please note that the JGHV has just posted the new English language forms on its website under “Service”, then “JGHV Forms – bilingual version German/English”. The new forms are not bilingual but English only, so the JGHV will soon (hopefully tomorrow) change the sub-menu to read “JGHV Forms – English”. In any case, please use these forms for registration (or the German version under “Formblätter”).
  • There is no set start date to begin testing, so breed and testing clubs are free to begin organizing Corona tests as soon as possible in strict compliance with the guidelines above (Nrs. 1-4) and after we have received the new FB 3b.

Please let me know if you have questions or suggestions. This is certainly a time for us to work closely together and to set a good example to others in the hunting dog community and above all to our fellow citizens generally.

Thanks, we’ll be in touch,

Ken Bremer

JGHV Member Clubs