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Dear Chairpersons, Directors of Testing and Directors of Judge Development,

Here are the MOM communications for April as well as other important documents for your review. For the months of March and April, Josef Westermann did not write his customary article “Latest from the JGHV Director of Testing” but published instead 10 questions from the Sachkundennachweis (SKN).

As an overview, here are the documents attached this month:

1.  Monthly MOM (4 documents)

2.  ***Important*** Continuing Education Seminars, both on-line and in-person training, for Verbandsrichter and VR Apprentices–This document contains a “Message from the JGHV Business Office” and an excerpt from an email exchange I had with Josef Westermann this past week. Normally, Jan Schafberg is the primary contact on judges training, but Jan has been sick and out of the office, so I corresponded with Josef Westermann as JGHV DOT.  Please note the following from Josef Westermann’s email:

  • On-line seminars in North America must be organized by the Landesverband North America / LV-NA (i.e. the “Committee” of three –Mike Seckar, Vanita Skinner, Ken Bremer) reconfirmed as the JGHV’s central contact in NA earlier this year). This means that we submit the FB 61 (Intro seminar) or FB 63 (VR ConEd) to Jan Schafberg and work with the clubs to insure that “good speakers” are giving the presentation. The LV-NA does not dictate speakers, program and other organizational issues, but works together with member clubs to insure a high-quality on-line presentation.
  • The deadline for registration of a seminar, whether in-person or on-line is a minimum of 4 weeks. So if your club intends to organize an in-person continuing education seminar, you can submit the application for the registration of an in-person seminar directly to Jan Schafberg at least 4 weeks before the event. Applications for on-line seminars can also be submitted 4 weeks before the event, but must be applied for by the LV-NA.

3. “Questions from the SKN”, the written Competence Test (Sachkundennachweis) taken by all Judge Apprentices at the end of their apprenticeship. The consists of 100 multiple choice questions, and you have to answer at least 60 correctly to pass the test.

4. “VJP Judges Meeting, Westermann”, a lengthy paper put together by Josef Westermann intended to be used for the VJP Judges’ Meeting. This is all material that we should know well, but here it is again in summary form.

Those of you who follow news from Germany, especially developments regarding the COVID epidemic, know that the situation is constantly changing. This means that announcements made a month ago by the JGHV may be changed on short notice in response to COVID-related developments. As shared before, there are 4 primary sources of information from the JGHV–the JGHV website, Der Jagdbebrauchshund, MOM and other communications received directly from the JGHV and Facebook. If you or your members see something posted, but are unsure of its meaning, especially as it may relate to our clubs in North America, please contact me so that we can clarify what these posts (Facebook, website) are about.

In this regard, note these two announcements:

That’s all for now. Hope the Spring testing season has been a success. Let me know if you have any questions or feedback.


JGHV Member Clubs