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Dear colleagues,

Here are the April MOM and other documents from the JGHV as well as an interesting report by Wolf Schmidt/Korby on the beginnings of JGHV testing in North America written for VDD-GNA. Please note these documents for your review and attention: 

  1. Monthly MOM communications from Jan Schafberg
  2. Josef Westermann’s “Latest from the JGHV Director of Testing” on Determination of Laut from the April issue of Der Jagdgebrauchshund
    From Peggy Dornig:  an update of “JGHV Info Sheet on Testing Reporting, USA 2022” which summarizes registering tests before the event and test documentation which Peggy Dornig should receive after each test. Peggy added this explanation in her email, “I have adapted the information sheet for reporting all tests to me to the needs of the USA. Perhaps you can translate it and make it available to the clubs. Reports on tests can be submitted to me by email as agreed. I charge everyone a small amount at the end of the year to cover the cost of printing and paper (so far about 0.10 Euro per tested dog per year).
  3. Regarding the item “Short test report”, here are her comments, “The report should be present for sure when something unusual or special has happened. For example, if there were complaints, problems, disputes or disagreements.” I have attached an example of the “short test report” that I was taught to use as a template.

Note to Chairpersons: 

  1. JGHV Landesverband Nordamerika – JKV, of which your clubs are members, will hold its Annual Meeting on Saturday, May 21st (see attached Invitation and brief agenda). Chairpersons (or a designated representative) should participate in this virtual meeting. We will review and approve the draft Rules of Procedure sent to you already and discuss other business related to the overall objectives of the LV-NA. If you wish to add topics to the agenda, please let me know. A week before the Annual Meeting, each of you will receive an invitation with link to participate in this Zoom call.
  2. Each Chairperson received two documents from the JGHV Data Protection Officer, Peter Wingerath. I have translated both his letter on data protection issues and a suggested consent form whose relevance for North American clubs we are still evaluating.

As always, please share questions and feedback on any of the topics mentioned above.

Many thanks,


P.S. I have again attached the invitation to the online CE Seminar to be held on May 15th. Judges and registered Apprentices should sign up now as this seminar will be popular.

Ken Bremer

JGHV Member Clubs