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Josef Westermann : Dear hunting dog enthusiasts, the handler of a dog must verify they have a valid hunting license!

Josef Westermann : Dear friends of the hunting dog, Becoming a judge is not difficult – being a judge, on the other hand, is very difficult!

The Latest from the JGHV Director of Testing

Formblatt 71 – Meldung der Vereinsdaten

Formblatt 71 – Report of Club Data

Registered continuing education seminars from October

DGStB (Deutsches Gebrauchshund-Stammbuch / German Utility Dog Studbook)

The 107th Annual General Meeting

New JGHV Judge Apprentices – August 11 – September 10, 2021

New JGHV Judge Apprentices – July 11 – August 10, 2021

New JGHV Apprentice Judges – September 11 – October 10, 2021

Registered continuing education seminars from August

Dear Directors of Testing and Directors of Judge Development,

With a busy testing and hunting season behind and Christmas now only a week away, I would like to share information received from Jan Schafberg, as well as other documents / information from the past three months. Earlier this week, I sent out an email to all of the Chairpersons of the JGHV member clubs in North America that covered these topics:

  1. A ballot to vote on the proposal of the JGHV Executive Board to postpone the Annual Meeting, customarily held in Fulda on the Sunday of the third weekend in March, to July 24, 2021, at a location yet to be determined.
  2. Jan Schafberg also sent FB 71 / Annual Report of Club Data with the request that North American clubs completely and accurately complete the form (in English or German) and return it to him by January 15, 2022. I’m sure that your Chairmen/women will be in touch with you about this form.
  3. For the second year, the JGHV has published its own limited edition calendar, which can be ordered directly from Jan Schafberg (see attached written announcement as well as the catchy video (below) in poetic form that was recently posted on the JGHV website).
  4. Each year, North American clubs receive their copies of the DGStB (Deutsches Gebrauchshund-Stammbuch / German Utility Dog Studbook) in the early months of the year. Unfortunately, the shipment of 26 studbooks was lost in the postal chaos of the past months. Recently, Jan Schafberg sent them again and all 26 (91 lbs.!) are stacked in my office waiting for distribution. In the past the DGStB have been sent directly to each club, but this year – in an effort to cut costs – Jan Schafberg asked if he could send them all to me for distribution. For this task, I ask for your help getting the books to your clubs. Could each club designate a member in the Chicago area / Midwest whom I could meet to hand off your club’s allotment (see attached list “DGStB 2021-Distribution”)?
  5. For those of you who were unable to attend the JGHV Annual Meeting / Verbandstag in Verden/Aller on August 22, 2021, I have attached the Minutes signed by Karl Walch and Peggy Dornig.

You will also find attached the normal MOM documents and some additional information which will include the following:

  1. Josef Westermann’s articles as JGHV Director of Testing (I’m still waiting for his December article.)
  2. Only those MOM documents that are directly pertinent to North American clubs. For example, since September, there were only two CE sessions conducted by our clubs. Likewise, I have sent information on judges (new Apprentices, suspended judges, etc.) only as it relates to our judges in North America.
  3. In October, I was sent two new PowerPoint presentations for use at our CE sessions. The PPPs cover 1) the VZPO and 2) the VGPO. The presentation on the VZPO has been translated and will be distributed to all of the clubs in North America after final review and edits. Likewise, the presentation on the VGPO will be ready in early January and sent to the clubs. As in the past months, North American clubs are free to organize their own in-person seminars, while online seminars must to applied for and coordinated by the Landesverband North America.

Finally, in January the Chairpersons of all North American clubs will receive an invitation to the 2022 Annual Meeting of the Landesverband North America, which will be conducted by video conference and chaired by Mike Seckar sometime within the first quarter of 2022.

  • In preparation for this meeting, please discuss possible agenda topics with your Chairmen/women and club leadership. This may include ideas and suggestions on how we can maintain effective communication with the JGHV as well as thoughts on how to work together more effectively as JGHV member clubs in North America. This could include ideas on how to raise and maintain a high standard among our Verbandsrichter. In addition, I am certain there are many ways we can cooperate more closely, for example, in producing Judge’s booklets and English language test regulations, or updating some of the translations on the JGHV website (many of the documents on the JGHV website under JGHV Bylaws and Regulations are dated 2013 and need to be updated, as one example, the Regulations on Association Judgeship). The JGHV online list of Verbandsrichter is in desperate need of updating with correct phone numbers and email addresses, especially as we seek to find judges for testing in 2022. These are just a few examples, and I am certain you have further suggestions.
  • With the invitation to the 2022 Annual Meeting of the Landesverband North America your Chairmen/women will also receive proposed “Rules of Procedure” which have been drafted by Mike Seckar to govern administrative and organizational procedures related to the Landesverband North American (JGHV LV-NA, club nr. 8017). This document is a draft which the Chairpersons of the LV-NA must approve, so comments and revisions are welcome as we seek to finalize and vote on this document at our Annual Meeting.

Please share your feedback, questions or concerns about any of the topics above. I look forward to hearing from you.

With best wishes for a joyous, peaceful and healthy holiday season,


Ken Bremer

JGHV Member Clubs