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News from the JGHV Director of Testing (January 2022)

News from the JGHV Director of Testing (Dec 2021)

Cordially invites Apprentice Judge Candidates To the JGHV Seminar – “Introduction to Testing, Judging and Hunting Dog Affairs”

Added to the list of suspended Association Judges

Addendum to the Judges List 2021

Removed from the list of Judge Apprentices

Dear Chairpersons, Directors of Testing and Directors of Judge Development,

Happy New Year and I hope you’re off to a good start in 2022! Here are the January MOM communications for your review. Please note that this year I intend to include only monthly news and notifications which contain information relevant for our North American clubs. In other words, I will not translate and send information on new judges, apprentices, suspended judges, etc. unless North American judges are on the lists. This month I have also included articles from the December and January issues of Der Jagdgebrauchshund by Josef Westermann, the JGHV Director of Testing, which will surely offer food for thought and discussion.

Attention: Please see the attached Invitation to the JGHV Introductory Seminar for Apprentices/would-be Apprentices which will be hosted by the LV-NA as an online virtual seminar via Zoom on Saturday, March 12th. Please invite your club members who wish to begin their training to become a JGHV Association Judge / Verbandsrichter, as this seminar is a requirement to apply for an Apprenticeship.

In addition, the LV-NA will host a second virtual online CE Seminar for Association Judges / Verbandsrichter in May 2022 that will be coordinated by Mark Heuer. Details will be sent out to all of you as soon as the date, speakers and organizational details are confirmed.

Two new PowerPoint presentations on the VZPO and VGPO prepared by the JGHV have now been translated into English and are undergoing final edits before they will be sent to all of you for use at in-person CE seminars and at the online CE seminar in May.

Last week, Jan Schafberg confirmed that he has received FB 71 from each of our clubs in North America. Thank you! Soon he will be sending each club a letter and invoice for our club dues in 2022. Please pay this promptly, ensuring that the full amount in Euros is transferred to the JGHV account.

Finally, Chairpersons will soon receive an email/letter from Mike Seckar regarding the Annual Meeting of the JGHV Landesverband North America – JKV which has been tentatively scheduled for May 14, 2022, as a virtual online meeting. With the letter you will receive a draft “Rules of Procedure” which will define the scope of this organization of our North American clubs and govern how our activities will be conducted in the future. Please be thinking already of other agenda items that we should discuss at our Annual Meeting as JGHV member clubs in North America.

As always, please share your feedback or ask questions.

Best wishes for a healthy and successful year 2022!


Ken Bremer

JGHV Member Clubs