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MOM Communication June-November 2021

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News from the Business Office

News from the Director of Testing

Registered seminars for judge apprentices from July 1

Invitation to the General Meeting

New Apprentice Judges “Sw”

New JGHV Judge Apprentices

The ” suspended ” status of the Association Judge is lifted

3 Previously appointed Association Judges, or Association Judges who have acquired additional specialty groups.

2 New Verbandsrichter “Sw”

Addendum to the list of judges 2021

Dear Chairpersons, Directors of Testing and Directors of Judge Development,

Here are the latest communications for your review. Please note the memo “News from the Business Office” which informs JGHV clubs that those Verbandsrichter who need a CE seminar in 2021 will be given until the end of 2022 to meet the requirement to attend a CE session every four years. Josef Westermann’s latest article is also worth reading.

Thanks again to all of you for publicizing and actively supporting the two first-time events on July 24th:  the 60 minute session with Karl Walch and the on-line Intro Seminar. Feedback so far has been very positive, so we look forward to receiving additional feedback and building on these successes.

Next week, Mike Seckar and I will fly to Germany for the JGHV Annual Meeting and other meetings and appointments. Please let us know, if any of you plan on attending the meetings so we can connect in Germany. We have a list of topics for the JGHV, especially for Jan Schafberg and Peggy Dornig, so please let us know if you have any topics that should be addressed during the days in Verden/Aller and elsewhere in Germany.

I’m sure all of you are busy with fall test preparations. Waidmannsheil and all the best in the coming testing season,


Ken Bremer

JGHV Member Clubs