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Letter from Ken Bremer – Secretary of LV-NA

Dear Chairpersons, Directors of Testing and Directors of Judge Development,

Here are the MOM communications for May and June as well as documents numbered 1-9 which make up the Program and Agenda that will be distributed to JGHV member clubs before the JGHV Annual General Meeting in Verden/Aller on August 22, 2021. For the most part, they are annual reports on the year 2020 and are very informative about the activities of the JGHV last year. For May and June Josef Westermann did not write his customary article “Latest from the JGHV Director of Testing” but published instead 10 questions from the Sachkundennachweis (SKN). I have received only the 10 questions from the May issue, which I have attached with the answers.

In speaking with Jan Schafberg last week, he is eager to know which of our North American clubs will be represented at the Annual General Meeting on August 22nd. He will put a copy of the Program and Agenda, as well as the Ballots in an envelope for distribution to North American club representatives before the beginning of the meeting on Sunday, August 22nd. Please let me know if you plan to attend the Annual General Meeting, so I can make sure you get your Program/Agenda/Ballot envelope before the meeting begins. In addition, perhaps those of us who will be in Verden for the JGHV and breed club meetings, could meet together informally. In any case, the good news is that as of June 20th, residents of the U.S. are allowed to enter Germany again. (see

That’s all for now. Mike Seckar will be sending out invitations to two special on-line events on July 24th. Let me know if you have any questions or feedback.

We’ll be in touch,


Ken Bremer

Letter from Mike Seckar – Chairman of LV-NA

Dear LV-NA member club Chairpersons, Directors of Judge Development, and Directors of Testing:

Attached are two invitations to virtual events sponsored by LV-NA.  They will occur back-to-back.  The first hour will be an informal meeting with Karl Walch, the President of JGHV.  He wants to introduce himself to the North American VRs and RAs, tell us about a few things that are going on in Germany, and answer some of our questions.  This is open to all our VRs and RAs.

Immediately after the meeting with Karl Walch, there will be a virtual “Introduction to Testing, Judging, and Hunting Dog Affairs” seminar.  This is the newest version of what we have previously called the Introduction to JGHV Seminar.  This seminar is a prerequisite for those who will apply to enter the judge apprentice program.  I will refer to it as the Intro Seminar in this letter.

Please distribute these invitations to your members.  Note that RSVPs are required on or before July 16, 2021 for everyone who intends to participate in either event.  This is to allow us time to organize the online platform.  The number of participants for either event may have to be limited for technical reasons.  The Intro Seminar will require an environment that will allow the apprentice candidates to actively participate, so the RAs and VRs may be required to drop off before the Intro Seminar begins.  We will try to set up the platform to allow for some of you to observe the Intro Seminar.  Please contact me (, if you want to observe the Intro Seminar.

JGHV enacted new procedures for Intro Seminars.  The new procedures are outlined in the attached letter from Josef Westermann, and the attached message from the JGHV Business Office.

JGHV now requires all Intro Seminars to be organized by the Landesverbände.    Live Intro Seminars can be presented by speakers in individual clubs if the LV-NA sponsors the seminar, files the FB 61, and controls distribution of the PowerPoint Presentation.  However, all virtual Intro Seminars must be organized and presented only by LV-NA.  FB 61 needs to be filed by LV-NA at least four weeks in advance for both live and virtual seminars.

The most important part of the new JGHV procedure is the newly revised and updated PowerPoint Presentation for the Intro Seminar.  JGHV prohibits the new PowerPoint from being distributed to anyone other than necessary and trusted speakers.  JGHV entrusted the English version of the new PowerPoint Presentation to the LV-NA.  We will comply with Josef Westermann’s rules.

Note that VIRTUAL CE seminars for JGHV judges have also been authorized.  They must be sponsored and run under the supervision of LV-NA.  After we see how the Intro Seminar goes, we hope to organize a virtual CE when time permits.  Live CE seminars may be scheduled and produced by individual breed and testing clubs as before, except that only four weeks prior notice is required.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Mike Seckar,

Chairman of LV-NA

JGHV Member Clubs