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MOM Communications February 23, 2021

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Dear Chairpersons, Dear Directors of Testing and Judge Development,

Along with the February MOM communications from Jan Schafberg, I have included these important documents:

1.  “2021 Meeting of the JGHV Landesverbände with the JGHV Executive Board”–These are brief notes take from this semi-annual meeting which took place last Monday for four hours! I was invited to participate as the German-speaking liaison of the newly established “JGHV Landesverband Nordamerika”, Club Nr. 8017. As most of you already know, our “Committee” has been re-constituted with Mike Seckar as Chairman and Vanita Skinner as Deputy Chairman/person.

2.  The JGHV Corona Hygenic Guidelines — Please review them carefully and make whatever changes might be needed to your COVID protocols. Karl Walch expressly asked our North American clubs to treat this issue seriously by being good examples at our spring tests.

3.  Josef Westermann’s Director of Testing article on the use of Emergency Judges. This is important information for our clubs, especially as we have about 200 VR covering an area 28 x larger than Germany. Still, we need to insure that we fully comply with JGHV regulations, a task that will require us to help each other out in making sure that fully trained VR are judging, unless there are genuine emergency situations. Also, I have attached FB 59 which must be filled out whenever an emergency judge is used.

4. “Registration of JGHV Judge Apprentices” — Please take note!!! This was just posted on the JGHV homepage and Facebook site yesterday. I hope to have more details this week, but our clubs will have the opportunity to organize one or two on-line seminars for would-be Apprentice Judges, “Introduction to Testing, Judging and Hunting Dogs”, in the month of March. In the lengthy video conference with the JGHV leadership, the idea had been to run these seminars under the umbrella of the JGHV Landesverband, in other words, all the clubs should work together with the 8017 Committee to offer this seminar for new apprentices so DJDs could submit new apprentice registrations in a timely fashion. How many apprentice candidates would be interested in such a seminar? Any feedback from your clubs?

5. The new PPP presentation for the Intro Seminar. Every week I’m promised the last section of the new presentation for the Into Seminar, but again, I’m still waiting for the final section. As soon as it comes in, I’ll translate it so it would be available for any on-line seminars that might be organized in March.

Please review these documents and share your feedback.

Many thanks and have a good weekend!

Ken Bremer
JGHV Landesverband Nordamerika
Tel: +1 312.375.2796

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