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Dear Chairpersons, Directors of Testing and Directors of Judge Development,

Here are the MOM communications for March as well as other important documents for your review. This month, Josef Westermann did not write his customary article “Latest from the JGHV Director of Testing” but published instead 10 questions from the Sachkundennachweis (SKN), which is the final written test that must be passed by all Judge Apprentices in Germany. The test, which is offered twice per year, consists of 100 multiple choice questions, 60 % of which must be answered correctly to pass the test. I will translate these questions and pass them on to all DOTS as soon as I can.

As an overview, here are the documents attached this month:

1.  Monthly MOM (6 documents)

2.  A letter from Mike Seckar, the Chairman/person of the new JGHV Landesverband Nordamerika-JKV

3.  Items mentioned in Mike’s letter:  1) a photo of the article in the March issue of Der Jagdgebrauchshund on the creation of the JGHV Landesverband Nordamerika (to our surprise, a 2-page article with photos was published) 2) an English-language translation of the article. 3) Minutes from the Video Conference of the JGHV Executive Board with the JGHV State Associations (Landesverbände)

4.  Documents related to the proper use of Emergency Judges:  1) Josef Westermann’s important article from last month’s Der Jagdgebrauchshund  2) DOT Ron Figler’s letter to VDD-GNA judges, which is an excellent summary of the JGHV regulations on the use of Emergency Judges and trenchant admonition to all of us not to abuse this “emergency solution” in our testing. The risk, as a couple of clubs have already learned, is that the tests will not be recognized, plus the possibility that the JGHV would impose further administrative controls to prevent the misuse of Emergency Judges.

5. JGHV “Matrix”, March 2021 (list of exceptions to the VZPO/VGPO granted to North American clubs) for the U.S.A. and Canada. Please note the primary update:  Btrs may be held from August to April, with no exceptions. Also, remember that Emergency Judges are not permitted at a Btr.

6. A Press Release from Karl Walch on the Easter Lockdown that will be enforced over the long Easter weekend. As background, Germany has extended its lockdown measures for another month and imposed new restrictions, including a hard lockdown over Easter, in an effort to slow down the rate of Coronavirus infections. The restrictions were supposed to end on March 28th but will now remain in place until April 18th. Infections have increased steadily as more contagious mutations first detected in the UK have become more dominant in Germany, so that now the country’s daily number of cases per capita have surpassed the number of cases in the US.

Let me know if you have any questions or feedback. Hope your Spring testing has been going well.


JGHV Member Clubs