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Press Release on Spring Testing, March 2020

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No Spring Tests through April 19, 2020

Against the backdrop of the dynamic developments and tense situation connected with the new Corona virus, the Executive Board of the Jagdgebrauchshundverband e.V., in close consultation with numerous breed clubs and representatives of the Jagdgebrauchshundvereine (JGV clubs) decided on March 16, 2020, to ask its member clubs in all urgency not to conduct any spring tests, beginning immediately. At first, this rule applies until April 19, 2020, in all German federal states (Bundesländer) and is also to be applied in places (in Germany) which have not yet imposed official meeting prohibitions.

Hunting and Hunters are part of society. The Executive Board asks its member clubs and every single handler of versatile hunting dogs to refrain from everything that endangers the health of the population and especially that might damage the reputation of the hunting community. For this reason, spring tests should not be conducted!

The question of how to proceed after April 19, 2020, will be decided on the basis of the further development of the Covid-19 pandemic. Member clubs, handlers and judges will be informed about this as soon as possible (and appropriate) on the JGHV homepage and by Facebook.

If tests can be conducted after April 19, 2020, flexible and practical organizational procedures, which are adjusted to actual test conditions, should be the order of the day. The JGHV will publish further information on this at the appropriate time. Extension of the testing season beyond May 3, 2020, in spite of all need for flexibility, is however out of question for the protection of young game.

Together with the concerned breed clubs, the JGHV will—also if no spring tests can be conducted in 2020—work out solutions which ensure that testing year 2020 will not be a “bust year” in versatile hunting dog affairs and breeding.


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